Benefits of your


Supporting you to support your clients

Our multi vendor platform is a project management tool that brings increased communication, project visibility, data, margins and commercial opportunities to Expert Networks around the world!

  • Capped Vendors

    Capped Vendors

    The system caps the number of networks allowed onto a specific project . Good work creates revenue.

  • More communication

    More communication

    In built messaging & Zoom meetings makes it easier for your teams to foster personal relationships with your clients

  • More clients

    More clients

    Do great work and get introductions to new clients.

  • Standardisation


    All projects follow the same process, yours. No longer will you need a different spreadsheet for each client.

  • Quality over price

    Quality over price

    The platform will never rank experts by price. Experts are ranked by a combination of speed and average rating of your network over the last 30 days. Great work creates more opportunities

  • Your data, protected

    Your data, protected

    Expert profile data is encrypted at disk, table and column level. Unlike email-based expert submissions, the platform deletes all unused expert information post project closure

  • Instant Match

    Instant Match

    Connect the Instant Matching algorithm directly to your database, allowing your Company to provide relevant experts instantly and without any human interaction. This API will allow your business to become quicker and obtain higher internal margins.

  • Regular updates

    Regular updates

    The platform will keep you constantly updated on how many calls were taken on a specific project, which profiles have been taken for consultations and which have been rejected. Consistent feedback creates opportunity to send more relevant experts

  • API connectivity

    API connectivity

    Integrate your own platform via API creating instantaneous data flow. Projects immediately inserted into your platform, updates instantly conveyed and experts submitted directly to the client.

How do I work with
the tool?

  • Once a Company adopts the platform they are free to add their contracted networks

  • All integrations are identical. Integrate with one client and integrate with them all

  • Contract and cashflow remain between yourself and the Company running the platform


Our promises to you

  • Code can be audited under request

    Code can be audited under request

    Vendor partners can view our source code in a controlled environment.

  • You don’t pay

    You don’t pay

    Expert networks will never pay to support their Client’s through the platform.

  • Your data is segregated

    Your data is segregated

    The only people who will ever see your data are your clients. You will receive access to database logs to track who accesses your data. No contact information is viewable by any user. Your data is deleted 30 days post project closure.

  • Experts will never be ranked on price

    Experts will never be ranked on price

    The tool will never allow Clients to rank experts by price. If you provide a higher quality service, the quality of your experts will always supercede the price of another

  • The first person to submit an expert, wins that expert

    The first person to submit an expert, wins that expert

    If two providers submit the same profile, the first person who submits that profile will be accepted by the platform while the slower submission will be rejected. This resets for every project.

  • All providers treated equally

    All providers treated equally

    Every vendor (including our own) will integrate with the Customer in the same way and every vendor (including us) will adhere to the rules in the same way.

Expert Ranking

Expert ranking is determined by speed, relevance of job title, your average expert rating (if available) over the last 30 days and your company’s Quality Score over the last 30 days.

  • pie chart

    All other things being equal, the fastest experts will appear at the top of the list.

  • two people

    Individual experts that have previously consulted with the client and have had high quality reviews will be heavily weighted.

  • hand

    The job title of experts will be compared with the request of the client, if a workstream requests sales people then a sales expert will have a heavier weighting than an HR expert.

  • medal

    If your Company has a higher quality score, your experts will rank higer.


What is a Quality Score?

The platform creates a rating of each vendor based on the following criteria across all project work

  • star

    The average rating of your experts over the last 30 days

  • pie chart

    The % of calls that are cut short over the last 30 days

  • personal card

    The accuracy of your profiles (calls/profiles submitted)


Become a stakeholder

Every expert network (including those not active with our platform) are invited to our monthly stakeholder panel where we work together to ensure the platform works for you