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Unlocking key insights for due diligence

Medical affairs acquisition

The medical affairs industry is a growing sector of pharmaceutics and encompasses a number of different businesses and operations. This includes providing product safety information for healthcare professionals, raising awareness on new treatment ideas, and managing key thought leader relationships. The industry is expected to reach a size of $2.65bn by 2026


Surveying the global market to unlock key insights for due diligence

proSapient supported a European Private Equity firm to research and ultimately purchase a majority stake at a European medical affairs consultancy.

How proSapient helped

proSapient supported our client to design, build and field a survey of 100 medical affairs and market access professionals in Europe and the US. proSapient also identified and facilitated expert calls with executives in the space to bring qualitative insights to the study.

Insights included:

  • The historical spend on digital solutions in medical market access
  • Understanding the extent of near-term and long-term implications on medical affairs budgets as a result of COVID-19
  • The expected impact on drug launches and development plans due to COVID-19
  • Identifying key growth opportunities for service providers to expand their fee income post-COVID-19
  • Assessing tolerance for changes in pricing structure for medical agencies post-COVID-19
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I’m very pleased with how the survey worked. I think it’s a great tool that we will use again in the future.

The outcome

proSapient’s survey platform and service supported a successful acquisition decision, as well as a partnership that will facilitate global healthcare customer insights and patient engagement.
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