Expert Interactions

Our platform allows you to interact with industry experts from around the world. Whether you need to speak to fast food CEOs or consulting oncologists, proSapient facilitates these conversations allowing you to gain powerful insights to support your research.

Finding the right experts from our network

Our machine learning engine gathers information about our experts from every corner of the internet and matches you with the right experts quickly and efficiently.

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...or locating them just for you

Our talented pool of associates utilise our automated platform to pinpoint and find the right experts for even the most niche project requests. If they are not in our database already, we will find them.


Connect to industry executives around the world

proSapient maintains a large network of industry executives from every industry in every country.

If you need to collect insight to support your work, submit a project to our platform and watch the profiles roll in.

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Make project management easy with a powerful platform

Our software includes a powerful project management solution which allows you to organise your research with ease

Set up your team
Set up your team

Once you have launched your project, you can instantly add your colleagues to the project and customise the communications that each person receives.

Expert list
Expert list

Your bespoke list of experts is delivered via the platform and provides you with powerful filtering and communication tools to help you decide which executives to speak with.

Calendar integration
Calendar integration

When you have chosen the expert you would like to speak to, book their time automatically by integrating your calendar with our platform.

All your conversations, transcribed

As soon as you finish each consultation, the recording is instantly and permanently available for you and your team.

All consultations are transcribed using our proprietary transcription technology and perfected with human quality assuarance.

All of your transcripts can be made fully searchable within your organisation allowing you to create a powerful library of primary research over time.

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Message and call experts instantly

Our platform allows you to interact with experts in real time via an integrated messenger available both on platform and via the appstore.

If you have urgent follow ups, you can ask experts instantly and even use our platform to call them directly.

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