Multi vendor platform

Manage all of your expert network interactions through our powerful platform and save both time and money.

Save 20+ hours
proSapient’s project management platform allows you to run expert network projects without wasting time
Save 20+ hours
Save 20+ hours
  • Organising all expert profiles in one place
  • Scheduling expert calls
  • Creating + sharing call summaries
Simple set up
Simple set up

Select the expert networks you use and start sending projects. The proSapient platform can connect to any vendor via a combination of APIs and email instruction.

All communications with expert networks can be conducted through the platform. Provide project updates, query experts and more…
One list. All experts
The proSapient platform removes duplicates and curates all the experts you receive via a combination of past rankings and relevance to your brief
Powerful scheduling software
Connect proSapient to your Outlook calendar or utilise our alternative booking engines to make scheduling seamless
You have the option to engage proSapient’s powerful transcription engine to build a collection of internal primary research over time which can be used to get a head start on other projects or to bid for new work
Manage your networks
Monitor the quality and quantity of your firm's expert network usage in real time. Adjust the behaviour of your entire organisation with a button click

Expert networks. Reinvented.

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