Powered by Machine Learning

The proSapient platform is supported by the latest machine learning and artificial intelligence. Our software can locate experts whether they are in our database, or first time proSapient consultants. The underlying algorithms constantly update the experts’ experience, ensuring their relevance for your project.

speech to text

Speech to text

Our proprietary speech to text algorithms supplemented with human QA deliver timely and accurate transcripts of all consultations.

Our technology not only prepares the transcript but also cleans it for filler words, interruptions and useless sentences.

Finding Experts

proSapient uses a dual sourcing approach to recruit and provide experts.

expert profile

Inside our network

Our machine learning engine matches our client’s brief to millions of continuously updating data points to suggest the best experts. This is our proprietary technology, the Key-Word Cloud.

Outside our network

Associates utilize leveraged human automation to pinpoint and connect with the correct experts in seconds. If they are not in our database, we will bring them in.

Robotic Process Automation


Robotic Process Automation

Our proSapient team can rapidly reach out to a large number of experts in a short span of time using a suite of proprietary algorithms designed to increase the speed and efficiency at which we work.

Expert Recommendation Engine


Expert Recommendation Engine

Our machine learning engine will analyse your brief and compare it to our Knowledge Cloud, a proprietary database containing millions of subject specific keywords that define each expert in our network. It recommends the best matches who are then qualified by your dedicated proSapient team.